Asbestos Soil Assessments and Quantification

Hazmat Plus expert consultants provide asbestos soil testing and asbestos soil assessments in Brisbane. Our consultants can assist you in determining the nature and extent of any potential asbestos contamination at your site. Hazmat Plus has a number of management options to ensure your site is rendered safe for its intended land use. We can call upon our trusted associates of asbestos removal contractors to conduct an ’emu pick’ of surface contamination and provide an Asbestos Clearance Certificate to allow re-occupation of areas if deemed safe, or we can also conduct a more thorough investigation including determining the full extent of the contamination and/or quantifying the asbestos impact in soil. Asbestos soil assessments are critical in determining the greater impact to your site. 

Hazmat Plus’ consultants have been at the forefront of developments in the treatment of asbestos in soil including the revised NEMP utilising the WA Guidelines for quantifying asbestos in soil from a risk-based approach. This approach has enabled us to allow for sites to be deemed safe for their intended use while minimising costly off-site disposal of soil with minor asbestos contamination. If the asbestos contamination is >100mm below ground surfaces and also below the set criteria for the site (e.g. a commercial premises are allowed <0.05% bonded asbestos fragments mixed in soil), the asbestos can remain safely in the ground without the need for a containment cell and an Asbestos Management Plan provided it is not disturbed. If it is to be disturbed the soil can be contained on site and “capped” away under concrete or other hard stand. Our qualified environmental consultants can then prepare an Asbestos Management Plan to ensure the legacy is documented and appropriately managed for future generations. Alternatively any heavily asbestos contaminated soil (or friable asbestos) can be removed off site to be disposed at an appropriately licensed asbestos waste facility thus making the site asbestos free.

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